Davo's thoughts on the Belmont course

>> Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just got back from a pre-ride of the B course for the 4th round of the PNP series with Sharpie. What a brutal course.

It is refreshing to have some open lengthy open farmland sections. These will favour those fit riders who train properly. If it is windy it will be difficult for everyone. The climb of Danzig is slippery and will be a battleground of dodgy passing as everyone, including good riders, make silly mistakes, slips and stalls. The hardest part by far is the Sweetacres climb...

This is a right turn off Hill Road, so at least you have had a nice easy recovery descent leading in. It is a long steep climb on mixed surfaces and will be hard as hell after battering the shanks on the previous farmland part of the course. Massive kudos to anyone who rides the whole of the Sweetacres climb.

Next you get some looping around taking in the fantastic descents of Big Weta and Chopper. Many thanks to those who built them – Excellent switchbacking goodness. Sadly for the B Coursers you also take in another climb of Danzig. Expect the shanks to self destruct on the 4wd climb to get to the entrance…..pedal pedal..... Booooom….

In short the course will be quite a sufferfest in many places, a war of attrition in others and partytime on the descents. A good mix. All racers will be able to pat themselves on the back for coming out and meeting this challenge. For a good quick ride, focus a lot on the steep climbs and be prepared to dismount for a jog in advance rather than stalling, be quick and nimble over the many stiles and gates – bury yourself on the Sweetacres climb you are nearly home…. ish.

Cheers. See you all out there.


teh Angrys Birthday

>> Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday dear angry me you old cunzor
Happy birthday to me

I treated myself to a new 4 blade shaving head, im enjoying that smooth smooth feeling right now.


Pit Lane Start for Tom Ehlen Duathalon Event, but the wins keep coming for Bushlove

>> Sunday, October 19, 2008

I arrived with Trudi my Duathalon partner and also wife of 10 years on time for the event start, this was to be Trudis first race since college and she was pretty nervous, me well I have had a some bad luck in the PNP series this year so was hoping to burgle a win of some sort, but this race was all about introducing Trudi to the meaningless glory that is racing.

Hunk of love Davo showed up soon afterwards and immediately Trudis butterflies went from her stomach to her head as the shanks where on full display...

Davo and myself went for a quick reccy of the course, all seemed pretty straight forward, tarmac start following onto some singletrack, we needed to be first onto the singletrack so we wouldn't get held up. Back to the race start and having a merry chat at the car we decided to head over for race briefing and check out the course when we hear from the other end of the carpark 3-2-1 GOO.. Err ok then I guess that means we missed the start.

Davo was off like a Scud across the carpark and I was on his tail like a Patriot Missle slicing up the pack till we got to the front, we past Pete (way_downsouth) near the front of the pack who seemed to have gotten of to a good start.

I was 2nd into the single track and Davo 3rd we sprinted down this and drew out a largish lead and pulled back in 1st after about 5 minutes. It was Angry and Davo P1 and P2, into the first climb we where neck and neck, Davo's hi tech bike was handling the course very well.

We continued neck and neck to the trig summi
t and when reaching the top continued over the otherside to what seemed like nothing and was, so we yelled back to the marshal which we, he immediately signaled at some aeroplanes and pointed out some other nice landmarks until we figured out that this was the turnaround spot, that little mistake cost us 30 seconds or so.
We went back along the way we came and we did have a very sizable lead so not to worry.

Took a left down some paddocks both still with spitting distance of each other until we came to a gnarly looking slip going str
aight down, Davo smashed straight down it, I should have but hesitated at the last second because I couldnt see a good line, and wussed out, so ran down it. This gave Davo about a 50 metre lead. I chased him back around the coast until the inlet, I saw other riders crossing straight over the inlet and assumed Davo had gone that way so shot over and back down the road to the transition to hand over to Trudi for the run section.
Trudi was off like a shot she looked pumped and ready to go which was great.

Davo then came in about 1 minute later which was a surprise but it seemed that Davo had taken the inside leg around the bay costing him about 2 minu
tes extra time and apparently had a head on with another rider.. It seems this section was to become optional as many other riders to there peril had taken this long and correct route, I raised this with course officials (m Jacques) and it seems that it was last years course hence lots of people had taken it so they decided to allow it.

So while I did complete the MTB leg in the fastest time, I hand the mantle over to Davo as he should have beaten me by about 1 minute I estimate.

Davo took off on his run section and he can fill you in on that.

So congrats to Davo for taking out the Duathalon and congratulation to my wife for coming first with me in the mixed duo, great effort.

A side note.. the spot prizes for the event given my Scotty from R&R Sport where impressive everyone came away with multiple prizes and good ones at that. And spot prizes make for happy wives, just ask Davo he scored a cap for his misses.

Davo will be along shortly to correct spelling, puntuation and add humour.
Later.. Angry

Davo writes.....

I corrected some of Clive's punctuation, but left his amusing spelling of it above. I'm a true friend.

Sweet. Clive has done most of the writing. Bummer about our start. What a couple of tools we were chatting away as the start happened at the other end of the car park. We rode very strongly on the bike leg. It was a great little course. I would have been rooted without gears though as it was flat for several kms. Clive was belting along and I was only just able to hold his wheel. I gave the climb to the trig a good go and covered all but the final dismount and run-up, in the big ring. I planned for Clive and I to ride all the way home together as with the headwind we might have been faster together, but I gapped him without realising on the steep descent and just dangled like a carrot for Clive for the last few kms. He was hungry, but never chomped on my orangey goodness.

Clive beat me to the finish which confused me. I was watching the trail too carefully for oncoming riders (you could choose what order you ran or rode so some bikers were just getting going as we returned) and missed a cunning route option which Clive took full advantage of.

I had a great run considering how I have not run for over 2 months or so. I felt sluggish to start with but once I got going I kept a good steady rhythm and opened up the taps on the descent back to the inlet and then had a good pace coming to the finish. My family came out to support and cheered me into the last 500m or so which was a fantastic boost and a grand finish to a very satisfying race. I never knew if I had won till I was told, as you never know what strongun' ran first then biked. I was stoked to take the win in this awesome grass roots event so close to my new home.

With Clive and Trudi winning mixed it was another glorifying weekend for the Bushlove clan. Nice.

Good job also to Pete Mora and fiance Kate and Matt (Yak on Vorb I believe) and his wife who all competed well in the mixed duo. I never saw Mr Yak which is funny as his SS would have stood out like a dogs balls.

R&R Sport really came to the party in their support for this event with a mint box of spotties and prizes. Nice one Scotty and R&R. I'm proud to be associated with a shop that supports these great events.

Till next time....


And You Thought My Other Bike Was Crap / Tom Ehlen Duathlon Prep

>> Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm doing the Tom Ehlen Duathlon tomorrow in Titahi Bay. I've not run for ages so did a couple of quick runs to get the running shanks back online earlier this week. They are still sore and feel like the muscle has been shaken of the bone.

I reckoned the course would suit a geared bike so needed to resurrect my old Marin circa 1994...

Its been around Europe touring, done some 100km marathon events in Wales and has always done me OK. The only real issue with it is that it is shit. I cop some grief for my last century singlespeed, mainly by folk who are only used to seeing the back of it ;-) With it's Gucci bolt-on disc adapter, my Marin makes my black SS look like Clive's Anthem.

But all this aside I still reckon it will be a good horse for tomorrow's 12km MTB leg.

Lets examine the beast for some "FTW" performance enhancers......
1. No granny ring. These are for pussys.
2. Odd cranks. The 'modern' Deore crank enhances the 1993 Deore LX on the non-drive. Very thin for max aero dynamics.
3. Front mech that does not fit and is shimmed out with innertube.
4. Xtra long bolt replaces low adjuster so the granny position is out of bounds.
5. Zip ties secure f.mech cable. All cable stops were ground off this bike a few years ago. Continuous housings won't work on a front mech, so these ties secure the outer against the bb guide like so...
This donkey features other neat features such as non-matching shifters, brakes and wheels (both over 10yrs old at least). Oh, and of course like every other hardout - an XTR mech.

Looking forward to getting aboard for tomorrows event. It is only down the road and I'll be trying my best as the family are coming including father-in-law who has held NZ Track cycling titles back in the 70's. Legend.

Clive and me will be no doubt putting up reports on the Duathlon tomorrow.

Later skaters.


Slacky's Mt Vic PNP ravings

>> Thursday, October 16, 2008

As hard as I am, it's is apparent than a Black Honda Odyssey, plate number DPQ 335, is harder than I am. The lovely island lady driving said vehicle decided to sideswipe me on the way up to the Velodrome on Tuesday night and then run away. I hit the deck on the lovely super grippy road surface at the top of Wellington Rd. Great for tires, not so much for skin. Bruised and battered and missing some skin tis I.

But Meh, we all want more race reports. So here's mine.

- I awoke to the sight of blue sky making like a peeping tom thru my bedroom window and I rolled over to realise !!!feck!! it's 8am, I thought I set the alarm for 6:45. Bacon and Eggs quickly scoffed, then bib shorts on, rest of clothes, quickly sort my shit out, get the to infallible 10 min mark from putting the bibs on and need to go for a poo/pre race lightening. Get re-dressed, realise my legs aren't shiny enuff, so suss that issue. Ride to the race, sift, more sift, and a lil bit more sift. Decided I should warm up, so start lapping out the Velodrome, do quite a few laps, till I realise that my ipod isn't actually on, tho it is in my ears. Do a few more laps. Watch the elite start, do a few laps of the infield, get hit on by SC and OC, realise that they are only human and have no control over their intense attraction of me so make witty comment.
Line up at the start and mock Davo loudly for only having one gear. More witty banter ensues.
Race starts, I look around and wonder why no-one is near me as I once again show my complete domination over the Velodrome. Leave the velodrome, and the riders quickly file past me as I ride backwards. Decide to let a few riders go off ahead, cos well, they are faster than me. I do notice that Angry Clive has opened a gap on Shanksey. So I lead the rest of the best up the climb with Carl, Jonty, Angry, Josh, Shanksey and Boss Ross out in front by a country mile. Hit the down and I open the taps, which was to be my theme of the day. Pull back time on Boss Ross, and snake a pass. Had Shanksey and Angry in sight at rooty climb, Boss Ross passes me back and small gap opens. Back down again, and pull back boss Ross and angry., sneak past Boss Ross and then soon after Angry, tap up and gap them both. Angry comes back at Alexandra Rd, pretty sure I got a louder cheer from his kids than he did........to be expected. Pull hot inside pass on Angry as he daintily went around the roots, I tapped it over the inside and gapped. Finish that lap. Tony Teo catches me up on the climb and informs me angry has had a tanty and broke his bike as the sight of my shiny calves has demoralised him so much. This raises my confidence too high, and not long after he gaps me on the climb. Looking back I notice Boss Ross gaining on my and decide I should pull my thumb outa my date and get on with it. Tony Teo is standing up and caning the climb. Knew he was hurting himself, I clicked up and accelerated. Caught him somewhere (I can't remember) and put a small gap on him. Buggar came back, but he wasn't gapping as quick on the climbs as he had been. Put a bit of a gap on him, and kept working it. Caught Josh near the velodrome and he let me thru, so he could make like Cadel. So I towed him for a while till the road went up and he went all Riccardo Ricco on me and took off. Tony Teo was somewhere back there, and Shanksey had been previsouly passed as he was looking rather smashed. Tried to minimise the gap to the Yoga Master as much as poss the the veiny one was climbing super well. Opened up the taps well and truely on the down and caught him at Charles Plimmers. Yoga gapped me on my nemesis climb to Alexandra rd, but I missioned back and Aired off the Soccer Field and cranked it back onto his wheel. His Yoga Master senses let him know the calves of doom were angry and coming and he graciously moved over. I Launched myself into the nether off the roundabout and powered out a small gap. I suspect both of us were running on the reserve tank at that point, and it was a last ditch attempt on my part. But I held the gap and even increased it by the end a small amount.
Broken I was by the end, but 3rd I was behind one of the legends of Welly Mtb and a freak on a 30lb trailbike.
Thus ends my story


PNP Mount Vic - Race Reports From Teh Team

>> Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Race reports from some of the Team competing on Sunday at the PNP Mount Vic. Ricky will surely pop one up once he has recovered from getting knocked down in a hit and run yesterday. Heal up quick Rick!

Mono’s Long Race Report, written in the style of a long race report.

Coming into the third round of the PNP series with 2 wins I was feeling pretty confident of a good performance on Mount Vic. I’d done a couple of practice laps and was very comfortable with the course – nothing too challenging, and lots of wee power climbs. Nice.

After a bit of pre-race banter I was off up the hill for a quick warm-up, then headed into the velodrome to get onto the start line. After watching the Elite guys head off I thought it would be a plan to get to the front before heading out of the velodrome to avoid any epic spills into the fence.

I got out of the velodrome first, and headed up the hill for the first time. I got passed after crossing Alexandra Road by a guy in Revolution Cycles kit (Rhys Musson???). We stayed together for the remainder of the climb, and he managed to get into the descent just ahead of me.

I snuck past him at the Macrocarpa rooty climb, and managed to pull a wee gap before heading down onto the north face. On the downhill I put a bit more time between us, and set about riding at a reasonable pace. All was well for the rest of the first lap, and through most of the second lap – nothing exciting, but staying out the front and enjoying the ride.

As always, I was chatting to people I was passing, trying to have a laugh. Most people were not interested in shooting the breeze when they had a chubby dude riding past them. Funny that.

During the second lap I sensed someone catching me when approaching the Matterhorn, and during the carry I asked which class he was riding… “Same as you” was the reply.

Damn. I’m a marked man.

I put on a bit of pace for the next few minutes, in an attempt to break him. This seemed to be working OK, as I had the length of the velodrome on him next time through. Up towards Alexandra road again and I stuck it in the dog and mashed it. My legs were feeling cooked, and I was out of water. I could see Hamish getting close again about half way up the climb, so put in another wee burst – this time I got about 40m on him by the summit. I got held up by a n00b near the top in a narrow bit, which allowed Mr. Collie to catch me up again. Down the grassy slope and into the rooty section we happened upon a group of tourists. I passed cautiously and hoped Mr Collie would be good enough to stop and offer them directions to Te Papa.

Out of the single track and across the field I only had about 10s on second place. As I turned up the dovetail for the last time my right adductor started cramping. Shit. He snuck by and pulled out about 30m before the descent. During the descent I started to peg him back, until he was only about 10m ahead at the start of the final climb up from Pirie Street.

At this point I got excited, grabbed another couple of gears and jumped out of the saddle. After about 2 pedal strokes I got my cramp back. Fuckit. Flicked into granny and spun my way up the hill, all the while trying to deal with the pain from the unrelenting cramp. Not much fun. Near the top of the climb 2 more guys came steaming past me – at this point I assumed I was now in fourth place.

Once I was at the top I could get a few moments rest on the singletrack. When I got to Alexandra Park I could see there was no way I was going to catch Hamish, so set my mind to just getting to the finish. The rest of the lap was uneventful, and I was feeling pretty down about my race.

Arriving back at the velodrome I casually completed my lap and went through the finish.
One of the first people to head my way was another racer from senior men – his chain had snapped on the first lap. While chatting he mentioned I had come through second in senior men. After some head scratching I decided the two that passed me in a hurry were elite riders. Still, I was pretty bummed that I’d been beaten on a course that should have suited me.

Over the next 30 minutes I managed to catch up with the Bushlove contingent, munch on Jude’s goodies (PG – Adult Themes) and down about 4 bottles of water. After going up to collect my First Loser’s medal I managed to catch up with my new coach (highly exciting for me) and a couple of other lurkers.

Looking forward to the next round at Belmont. I’ve got a bit more incentive to get back onto the top step of the beer-crate podium.


Whacko Jacko’s Race Report

After spending a while lording over Davo that he now has the most ghetto bike, I did a summit warm up with Jase and Davo.

I just love looking at Davo’s pulsing calves as he climbs on his singlespeed. He is so strong and manly. I love the way he smells.

I went as hard as I could in the race and my new bike was much faster than my old one with large holes in it from where the braze-ons ripped out. The modern shocks and disc brakes are the shizzle for teh XC.

Despite my best effort on my true 2:1 gear (probably harder than you ride) the 50kg whipper-snapper, Bryn Dickerson, pulverized me by about 13mins. But I don’t feel too bad about it as Bryn also flew past Davo and Josh like they were standing still.

I tried to pass the leader of Senior Women on the Matterhorn run, but she gave me assholes about not being elite enough to pass her, so I kicked her in the clam.

Another Bridesmaid spot on the podium for me. But I’m not complaining as I still did bloody well. I really enjoyed checking out Bryn’s sausage on the podium. Darn it, I’d love a taste.

Whacko Jacko.

NB – The above may not have been written by Jack as he was too busy.

Davo’s M1 Re-cap.

Despite best spinning efforts I could not keep up round the track lap. But mysteriously the boys all seemed to wait for me before the club rooms and I snuck through into the lead. I thought then that I had the chocolate all wrapped up and that Clive would be my bitch at the summit. For a second I considered what to shout at him, if he was close enough, once I had reached the summit. Sadly I ploughed amateurly straight into the only ungraded part of the first climb and blasted my legs slowly extricating my SS from the rocky gutter as the chaps span their merry way up.

I went super-hard on the climb to the summit. I didn’t want to be buying Clive chocolate, but he left me no choice. Caramello for Clive. Had me by about 50m damn it. Clive stopped to wait for me after the steps. At least I think that’s how I closed the gap so quickly by the macrocarpa tree climb, where I dismounted and trotted off in a(n overly) hopeful pursuit of the leaders.

I rode really well to start with and for a lap or so was riding around in 3rd behind (prob a little way behind judging by the results) the speedy Mr Patton and Jonty. I yo-yo’d with Josh Wrigley for quite a while which was good. Josh’s steep climbing skills were very impressive, but I managed to get back to him a few times before he headed off for good. Ricky and Tony passed me heading out onto the third lap. I never got back in touch with Slacky, but I had Tony in my sights for most of the last lap but could never stand hard enough on the pedals to close. What a son of a bitch course, my shanks were cooked.

I wanted to get on the podium but knew that I’d have to do a stella ride to manage it considering the class riders in the M1 on Sunday. Still very proud of my 6th. The next three dudes, Slacky, Josh and Tony, were all within one minute. So near yet sooooo far. I couldn’t go any harder though.

The bike was great. The slick Maxxis Wormdrive I ran out back was good fun. Gave no traction on the gravel downhills so I was all over the place, a bit like a film I saw on Sunday called Fast & The Furious – Tokyo Drift, only at Mount Vic. Doubt I lost time with it though, and I reckon it helped on the long climb to summit and a few other places. I think I will run something with more grip though next time as it tended to slip when standing and forcing it on the climbs.

Great to see everyone and be able to cheer three Bushlove men on the boxes at the end. And I won a Timex watch. Bonus.

Looking forward to the suffering at Belmont.


Angry Clives VERY short race report.

Lined up at the start at the Velodrome ready to smash it too the summit, had a bar of chocolate on the line with Davo. On the first lap of the velodrome I couldnt get into top chainring.. grrrr.. (maybe something to dowith Ricky clicking my gear shifter on the start.. hmmm, start of bad things to come).
Was second out of the velodrome behind Ricky, on to the climb up to Alexandra road where quite surprisingly Davo comes out of nowhere saying "I wasted the first chance", then proceeds to make an awesome line choice in the rough stuff at the side of the track. His smart words and technical skills spurred me on, so dug deep and pedalled like buggery, beating him to the summit by about 100metres (Davo said 50m, but hes got bad eyesight). woot, at the summit I paused slightly to see the look of losing in Davos eyes..
Next was off down I never know the tracks names, Davo passed me at the bottom of a descent and I passed him again at the top of the hill climb, only to get passed again with Davo running with the SS up a particually steep rooty section.
Onto the Ski Slope, no dramas, then up a pinch, unfortunately 2 other riders had stalled on it, and with no way around was forced to walk it costing valuable seconds.
Ricky caught up shortly after this passing me downhill, I got him on the next climb though.
Was following Ricky down and around the water tower then up the dipper.. then my chain promply snaps, f*&uk , I figured my race was screwed as I didnt have a chain tool handy and faced a short walk back to the velodrome, so DNF'ed myself and went to hang with my wife and kids.
Enjoyed my short race all the same. Looking forward to Belmont, as its just hills hills hills.


Jase The Ace Reports...

Arrived at Mount Vic feeling reasonably fit and looking forward to a good hit out.
Had a quick warm up and checked out the new part of the course (that ski jump part) which was all new to me and then cruised down to the start line.
There was a fairly good turn out of 13 top class riders including a couple of top roadies Edwin Crossling and Silas Cullen.
The hooter went and we were away i settled in at a fairly good pace, there were 7 of us that kind of got away from the rest of the field and then cabin and Hisky gradually broke away.
My aim was to do 30min laps and i was doing so for my first 2 laps ( first lap 29mins, 2nd lap 30mins), i was hanging on to Gav`s wheel but he started gapping me towards the end of lap 2, he was about three quarters way around the velodrome just as i was arriving.
The 3rd lap was when things started going backwards, i got up to the summit feeling bloody toasted and realising i still had over half a bottle of drink left i had`nt been drinking no where near enough to function properly, i managed to crawl my way round to the end and holding my 7th position, my last lap was somewhere around 35 mins so lost a lot of time and suffering from a bit of dehydration.
I`m not overly disappointed with my result but just put it down to experience, the relentless nature of the Mount Vic course and trying to keep in touch with some of the countries top riders is never going to be an easy day.
Good to see some great results from you other boy`s and look forward to some more success at Belmont.
I`ll hopefully have my new bike built up for Belmont so will look forward to breaking her in.
I`m trying to decide on a new light weight 100mm fork to replace my 80mm R7`s any suggestion`s fellas?



The non-racer pipes up

>> Monday, October 13, 2008

So, I managed a fantastic ride on Sunday. Not going to go into too much detail, but it didn't involve riding up to the top of Mt Victoria three times, nor did it involve trying to hold back puke as I run up the Matterhorn.

Might go shame Bushlove Racing at the 5th round of the PNP though (work commitments mean Belmont is out of the question), meaning I'll have some quality race hours in my shanks from the 12 hour the weekend before.

Any other Bushlovers doing Wild Wellington?


Angry Clives Filthy multisport event

Because I DNF'ed (busted chain) at Mt Vic you get to hear about my saturday race.

Our work had a team entered into the Wellington Multisport Challenge (I dont like the word Challenge in an event)


Our first team member was about 30th (about 15-20 mins behind) out of the kayak and handing over to me in the Mountain Bike leg. The course was pretty simple, mainly gravel road so was able to pick up 25 or so positions and had our team in 3rd by the end of the mountain bike leg. From there our road cyclist (not really being a cyclist) lost most of those positions and our runner at the end picked a few back up.
Fun event though and I wouldnt mind doing it one year as a duathalon if I can find someone who can do a fast kayak and run leg.

Our team ended up 7th overall !, out of about 40 teams

I won a $300 IO voucher for having the fastest mountain bike leg (6 mins ahead of the next guy :-) ) which I will probably use just before Round Taupo this year.


Hey Bushlover`s

>> Friday, October 10, 2008

Hey Bushlovers,
How`s it all going boy`s, looking forward to another hit out at mt vic on sunday, definately one of my favourite courses, 'bloody brutal' just the way we like it.
Last time i raced mt vic i slashed my rear tyre with a lap to go so unfortunately finished with a nasty DNF by my name so will have to make ammends for that.
I`ve had a cold the last week or so which is proving hard to shake, i raced the 50k course in rotorua last saturday and was as crook as a dog should`ve really stayed home but had a free entry so thought i`d make the effort. I must say the trails were awesome nice and dry which is a good change from what i`m used to here in Levin.
Ok boys good luck for sunday and i look forward to seeing a few more podium finishes.
Rock On!!



Bushlove Racing goes Global

Greetings from the California branch of Bushlove Racing. Not much to report yet, still infiltrating the cycling circles. And waiting for my bike, oh and bike shorts - not that that's a reason not to ride. Will report back when there is some good info/results/recipes or knitting patterns.


Hot Bar for Davo

Its is indeed Round 3, Davo needed some extra incentive to get out of bed and stretch on the jean lyrca, hence the chocolate bet.
If Davo wants to eat my hot melted milky bar at the end of the first climb.. good luck to him.

I will be kitted out in the latest Giant offering the Anthem X0, kindly supplied by Burkes Cycles in Kilbirnie and wrenched by Ricky. Weighting in at a race weight of 23.5lbs its gonna get its first outing this weekend with races in the Wellington business games on Saturday and the Mt Vic PNP course on the sunday.
As I have a cold now and my legs will be wasted for sunday, im only expected 2nd place.


Welcome To The Blog!

Hi. Welcome to the Bushlove Racing Team's new weblog. You will be able to find all sorts of interesting stuff here including race reports and other mostly useless updates and banter.

The 3rd round of the pnp mtb series is this Sunday at Mount Vic. The Bushlove Team are keen for a strong showing after several podium placings in the first two rounds. Angerman, Slacky and Mono in particular have probably already done more laps in training than will be covered by everyone on race day.

Main focus for me is the Chocolate Dash. The smackbanter btw me and Angry Clive escalated to a first lap summit dash challenge with chocolate at stake. Watch this space for the result.

My black beast will be kitted out for speed and not traction, with a Wormdrive out back to aid my chocolate dash. I may even bring my A game and leave the denims at home.



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