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>> Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another year, another PNP MTB series and my second overall title. Sunday was the final round of the 2010 PNP MTB series and instead of giving you a run down of the race, I thought a quick recap of the series is in order.

Rd1 Makara
Crap weather, crap worn out drive-train, just plain average sums up Rd 1! The heavens really opened up for the first race, turning most tracks into rivers; it did offer some interesting situations with washed out tracks and mega chain suck (my drive-train was screwed anyway), but it’s still always fun playing in the mud no matter what your age. Lucky enough to hold onto 2nd behind a hard charging Mono.

Rd2 Wainui
My good old home town, what better place to race then where I grew up, except that the tracks weren’t there when I lived in the ‘Nui. My legs felt brilliant this time and nothing was going to stop me, allowing me to take a 10min win; riding in Wainui is always fun with the wicked tracks offering rocks, clay, roots, just about everything really. Apart from the win the highlight would have to be racing down Spoonhill twice.

Rd3 Mt Vic
Couldn’t say my luck with Mt Vic has always been favorable, except this time things went smoothly. Once again the legs were super sharp and with Whaka the following weekend, I was happy with my skid in the central town belt. Once again a very satisfying win, though my ability to float across the wet pine needles and roots impressed me most; considering my ex-roadie skills I have to savor the odd shining of decent bike handling.

Rd4 Belmont
Always tough from a physical point of view due to all the farm track and lack of technical single track, this was my toughest race in the series. Managed to lose my bottle only a quarter of the way in and on a warm day this is not the most ideal. Coupled with a very tender knee I had my work cut out for me. This race was not over until the finish line with me only winning by 5sec’s; I always love a good hard race and like the previous year Belmont didn’t disappoint.

Rd5 Makara
With the series already wrapped out I could just head out and have some fun. Rocking my new SantaCruz single speed I didn’t exactly give myself the easy option, though riding down Vertigo towards the end put a grin on my face. Only rolled across in 6th place but it was the Champagne that I was looking forward to.

So, another successful PNP MTB series and another summer of racing to look forward to.
Big thanks to Marco, Al, Ash and the rest of PNP for another fun filled series, SantaCruz bikes for helping me roll on the fastest wheels, all the Bushlove crew (and SS’s) for their ‘encouraging’ support and most of all my lovely smoke screen; cheers to everyone.
(Thanks to all the photographers out there as well, awesome pics)

Stay tuned for tales from my summer adventures.

3 Comments & cheeky remarks:

Nick November 16, 2010 at 8:34 PM  

Well done Ed! Heres hoping its just the start of a season full of bushlove domination.

AL November 16, 2010 at 8:34 PM  

You forgot to thank Mum and Dad... again... I'm telling on you!

Anonymous November 16, 2010 at 8:42 PM  

Good stuff Ed. Nice to see you out there with a smile on Sunday. Cheers, Holden.

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