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>> Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I noticed that only Davo and I, Leonidas Of Sparta (BLR Press Sec), have posted since November so it must be time for some different tales from the Hive. But until that happens:

The producers of Toy Story 3 have included a scene in the film based around a well known event in Keith Mansions where Jacinda lures Tony into a false sense of security by asking him to model for her. Tony jumps camply at the chance and then gets nailed for taking too many leave passes. Ken, sorry, Tony, then goes next door to get a manual off the Butler which contains instructions on how to perform DIY tasks on his own.

In other news, Dave went on a hardcore solo man mission on Sunday and rather than waste time training or riding up hills, he pushed his bike around Karori Woods and tried to ride some of the bits the young people ride, with mixed results.

And why not back up this post with the sensational Rapping Weatherman. Watch for this legend's amazing use of 'end parentheses' and also the props he offers to his co-host, Diane. Smooth.

Imagine for a minute if every morning you woke up, put the TV on and got a weather rap. Every day would be a lottery jackpot.

And here where he makes spectacular reference to his suit's colour. Immaculate.

He's at it again. Not only does he feed Erica more flattery and guarantee himself her office Christmas party attentions, but he manages to bring a whistle into the rap. Flawless.

The Rapping Weatherman: Men want to be him. Women want to be with him.

A lot like "Keg Of Love On Stilts" Oli Brooke-White, but with a mic rather than a Campag corkscrew.

The nice weather just keeps on coming here in WellySparta and we hope it is the same in your little neck of the woods. Plenty of epicness coming up too, including the second round of the N-Duro Summer Series in Vegas and the Wellington MTB Champs, which even has a Super-D component so the skilled can come out and school the bright pink accented XC campers.

Happy trails

Leonidas Of Sparta - The Rapping Ancient Greek Press Sec to BLR.

2 Comments & cheeky remarks:

Oli Brooke-White January 12, 2011 at 10:07 PM  

Yo, I was steezing to da max on those dope rhymes even before I got checked. Peace out, homies.

Tiger January 17, 2011 at 8:19 AM  

I must admit at first I thought, poor form a Ken clip... but after watching it, lol'd MAO.

Nice huck-mix to Davo. Keep that up and you'll give Slacky a run for his money for OLDEST man's DH champs.

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